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over 30+ UI Presentation frames for mobile

Now you can save more time on mockups

Presently offers you more than 30+ UI mockups on the go. Saving you design time and still giving you that sleek look you have always wanted.

UI mockup pack desktop
UI mockup pack mobile

Have access to multiple frames ranging from 2 – 8 screens

You can now have as much as 8 screens on your UI presentation without worries. Presently has cleanly designed layouts to occupy up to 8 screens on each frame.


The value of anything is largely dependent on general perception of it. Hence, the reason why presentation is one very important aspect of UI and Products designs. Thanks to Presently, it’s one less work to worry about.


Presently is a saving grace for me since I heard about it. It has made it so easy to access different mobile representations mockups for free. Now I can work faster and be less worried about the presentation.


Presently is a very brilliant and helpful resource, very useful especially for growing designers who want to showcase their designs to the community.



I love this. It is a very nice initiative. User friendly and very easy to use. The mockups really took my UI presentation from 0-100%. Cant wait for the next one. Cheers, Keep up the amazing work Century Digital


Presentation of design has been a tough thing to me but this resource you have provided would go a long way to help me easily present designs and post on my social media pages.


In the past, I’ve had problems and difficulties presenting my work with the right pixels and mockups. Came across presently and everything has changed, allowing me to fully express myself with clients and fellow designers. Fast, beautiful and clean. It’s a plugin for me.


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